Aaron Shum
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What am I about… Well put simply I am about you and your day. 

Whoever | I want to capture your natural self, from your most raddest moment to the most romantic moments and all the emotions in between.

My style | There are three things I keep at heart when behind the camera

Humble – Just true photos of your and your loved one. humble images to show you at your best light, the unscripted, the fun , the joy and the story…. and promise no cheesy poses!

Beloved – To capture the raw connection and emotions you share with your beloved.  Those moments that set the sky’s alight, the gentle touches, the kisses and the embraces.

Bespoke – I want your wedding to stand out, have new creativity for your day and mold images to suit who you are.

I will be there | New South Whales, Queensland and aboard. I don’t have time limits on my packages, you have spent so long planning your day and all the details from waking up to leaving the venue. I will be there to capture all of day, to tell your story.

The Catch up | I want to hear and listen to you, hear what you want and to be a real person to you and have a lough. We can meet face to face or Skype, whatever suits you.

My Story

So I guess I should tell you a little about me… I love my family or the “three amigos” as I call us. My gorgeous girl Zoe and my little super hero Xav. Mid 2014 we were given the toughest challenge we would ever face, Xav was diagnosed with leukaemia, so many ups and downs, like a roller coster you can’t get off. Great news is he is beating his cancer.

This current journey has shown me more and more about what should be kept at heart, Pure moments and seeking pure joy in the little things.

I love photography, and lucky enough to have this as my job. I started wandering mountains seeking natural beauty with a camera, now its my life.

For me its Just not a wedding, elopement or commitment ceremony, its all about your story and photographing you in your environment from the beach to the mountains.