Queenstown New Zealand Elopement.

Elopements are just beautiful, pure and simply a reflection of the couple. Amiee had a vision that on her elopement day she would be surrounded by crisp sparkling snow, and this is just what happened! Their New Zealand mountain top elopement was full of adventure and stunning location from Queenstown New Zealand to Glenorchy Valley . From Glenorchy New Zealand we took a helicopter up to The Humbolts Range where Brayden and Amiee exchanged their wedding vows at 2000 plus meters. After their emotional vows and I do's we set off too chase the light through the valley till dark. 

I Photographed Brayden's and Amiee's elopement on a mix of digital and film cameras. 

Aaron Shum Photography Australia and New Zealand Elopement weddings-3.jpg

Bradan + Amiee

South Island New Zeland