There is nothing better than when all the stars align! I had my challenges planning this workshop with a good mate, the first one was how can a Sunshine Coast Wedding photographer plans a huge photography workshop in Victoria?? Simple this was my formula haha! Countless hours, sleepless nights, and millions of emails .
The 4 day workshop took place just meters from the summit of Mount Hotham Victoria (approx 1800m elevation) in a beautiful alpine lodge. This years workshop covered photography and business as well as live couple shoots in various weather conditions. 


Huge thank you to these legendary sponsors for making this day possible!

Lucky Straps 

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Atkins Photo Lab

Bright Brewery 

Nathan Kaso

Smart Albums 

Smart Slide

Tribe Photo Co

Studio Ninja

Will & Bear

We will be holding another Hotham Workshop in May 2019! 
Stay tuned for that one!!!


Check out the blog post below. Huge shout out to Justin of lucky Straps for the behind the scenes black and white photos. Colour images are a collaboration from JimmyJoel + Aaron.