Mt Hotham Victoria

When all the elements come together such as alpine mountain locations, Rolleiflex film camera and of course a loved up couple being photographed over 3 days it is amazing what will be recorded and documented during each day.

Scott + Laura were invited to come and be real couple models at a recent photography workshop ( Expsd Adventures ) I spent a lot of time hanging out with these two, and I hope they fell in love with the film / analog process of photography.

During my time in the mountains I only used film cameras ( no digital ) to document their time at Mount Hotham. I used my different types of film stock each with various results from high contrast to soft tones. When photographing Scott + Laura the process was simple, my focus was on one thing “how is the light hitting their landscape.”

Special thanks to Atkins Photo Lab for developing and scanning these negatives.

Durning this May’s Hotham photography workshop I felt so blessed to have met 40 amazing individuals and share in our common interest and the love for photography, thank you all and I truely hope our paths will cross again soon.

Love | Elope | Marry - Mount Hotham Victoria 2019

Camera geek notes at the bottom.

Cameras used : Rolleiflex 3.5f, Hasselblad H1 645 film back, 35mm Canon 1n and Mamiya 7ii

Film: Kodak Portra 400 / Kodak Tmax 400 / Kodak Tri x 400 / Cinestill 50D / CineStill BWXX / Rollie Retro 400s