Ash + Dan

Being a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer I love to every now and then leave my base and get out of my comfort zone and photograph couples in a real and honest way. In other words just take photos of what is actually happening! I find just by taking time and shooting film my eyes are open to all the little things couples do, whether it is how they touch hands, hug, smile or how still they are while resting with each other. I traveled to Newcastle NSW to catch up and photograph Dan + Ash.

All photos in this blog have been shoot on film. All camera and film notes at the bottom of blog.

All film developed and scanned by Atkins Pro Lab.

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Film Stock used: Cinestill 800T, kodak Tri X 400, Kodak TMax 400, Kodak Portra 800 and Rollei Retro 400s

35mm Cameras ans Medium Format Cameras: Rolleiflex 3.5f, Pentax 67 and Canon 1n.

Wedding Photographer Sunshine Coast Aaron Shum.